Social Responsability

Corporate Citizen

Sivensa, as a corporate citizen with industrial activities in different regions of the country, maintains a close relationship of commitment and support for social development, with special emphasis on education and communities. The connection with local needs and the promotion of a better quality of life, have been part of the essential values of Sivensa and its divisions in its 58-year history. These efforts are basically carried out through Fundametal, the Applied Knowledge Center, and the activities carried out in the regions where Sivensa carries out its operations.

Metalworking Foundation for “Fundamental” Industrial Training

Fundametal was created in 1976, sponsored by Sivensa, with the aim of training human resources for the metalworking industry. Through its 30 years of development, the institution has evolved to become a Center of Applied Knowledge, which today serves more than 26,000 participants per year, at the levels of apprentices, senior technicians, university and fourth level, these the latter through agreements with national universities.

Fundametal’s Alternative Education programs aim to insert young people into the productive economy, through their training as skilled labor. In this area, 700 high school graduates per year, between the ages of 18 and 26, receive technical/practical education in periods ranging from 6 to 8 months, enabling them to enter the labor market, or to become micro-entrepreneurs.

Among Fundametal’s achievements in 2005, the signing of a Cooperation agreement with the European Commission stands out, aimed at providing technical equipment to the Vocational Training workshops at the Guayana headquarters for the development of training and professional training programs in the trades of Electricity, Electronics, Instrumentation and Pneumatics. The program seeks to facilitate the labor insertion of young apprentices and the labor permanence of workers in the region.