Committed to Venezuela since 1948

We are a Venezuelan company founded in 1948, whose trajectory has been characterized by great faith in the future of our country. We believe in Venezuela and its people. With more than six thousand shareholders today, we are one of the first companies listed on the Caracas Stock Exchange. We have had good moments and others of crisis, but our unwavering commitment has been and is with Venezuelan development, specifically its industrial sector, in which we have invested continuously and primarily in the development of the most valuable resource that any nation can have: its human capital. We have maintained this mission uninterruptedly for more than 45 years through Fundametal.

Our History

Siderúrgica Venezolana “Sivensa” S.A., the first steel and rebar producer company in Venezuela, was incorporated in Caracas in 1948 and began operations in 1950. After difficulties to begin operating, a few years after its founding, the company consolidated an advantageous position in the manufacture of rebar for the Venezuelan construction industry. The company would keep growing in the following five decades thanks to a diversification strategy in the iron, steel and metal-mechanic sectors.